Best Spam Comment of the Week doesn’t receive a huge number of legitimate comments. We don’t take this personally – ours is a finite audience and our crew works hard on that which pays the bills, which makes us intermittent bloggers at best. But, we… // More //

The Power of a Brand: A Scientific Case

A dear friend, mentor and colleague, Bill Lewis used to rhetorically ponder the following question with skeptical clients: “If every bottle of Coca Cola, every bottling facility, all the jugs of secret-special syrup, in fact if the secret recipe itself… // More //

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Google+: One More Tool in Your Social Toolbox

For starters, get your head around the fact that all of these social networking sites are tools. They may be tools for your social life – meaning: how you connect with your friends, how you invite them to parties, how… // More //


Simon Pierro shares a little iPad sleight of hand A little online sleight of hand. You can’t but admire Simon Pierro’s craft. Too bad the actual iPad doesn’t really do all of what Simon can make it do. // More //

On Becoming Irrelevant: A Look at Jann Wenner’s Position on Tablet-Formatted Magazines

I’ve come to believe that it is the nature of human beings to age themselves into irrelevance. Face it, at some point in your life, you will look at “what all the kids are doing” and you will think it’s… // More //

Example of true tablet-formatted journalism

Journalism & Advertising in Tab World: It’s Not Windows Anymore, People. It’s Doors.’s article, Combining Video and Typography, shares this very nice bit of photojournalism. (Thanks also to Mac Logue who shared it on FB) I think it’s interesting that the poster notes that William Hereford, the creator of this well-made piece,… // More //

Your life is transitive… except for the part of you that lives on in the eternalnet.

There’s a guy in our office who got a birthday card from a friend of his. It was one of those automated birthday greetings people send out on Facebook that have a little avatar birthday cake and a cheerful wish,… // More //

Redesigning a Brand for a 4th-Generation, Family-Owned Company: The Sequel

A while back, we peripherally addressed the project of redesigning the corporate identity for Watts Realty. We had just finished the job coincidentally when the GAP logo debacle occurred. [See: Gap Part Deux: The Work of Logo Design, 10.11.10] Here’s… // More //

Hey, Mr. Neilsen, (no, not you Leslie) listen carefully and you can hear the sound of your demise.

Pepsi, much maligned for their supposedly failed Refresh Now “social media campaign” [see: Grab your iPad and beat me with it every time I say “social media” 3.24.11] is coming out with television commercials that set you up with a… // More //