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In the course of helping some of the brightest people we’ve ever worked with launch these incredible new apps, we all collectively discovered – client and agency together – that we weren’t simply launching an app – we were starting a movement. We were bringing a new technology to the world that would save lives and in so doing help to bring down the cost of healthcare. // More //

The Edge of Chaos

The Edge of Chaos, the brainchild of a team of incredibly bright individuals associated with the UAB School of Public Health, is a resource for people to use to solve the most challenging problems facing our culture today – the “wicked problems.” Cayenne was engaged to do everything from creating invitations, to covering walls with graffiti, to mixing drinks. // More //

Steven Fox

This exquisite, high-end jeweler has a passion for exceptional jewelry. He also appreciates restraint and elegance in the design of the brand expressions of his company. // More //


2011/12 beneficiary of the Cayenne F.I.T.B. Initiative, Birmingham Education Foundation, gave us the opportunity to produce this award-winning work. // More //


We designed the box to feel special and to show off the tie against a crisp white background. The inscription says, “A great tie is a statement of purpose and character. A lesser one is simply a leash.” // More //

Brookmont Realty

Brookmont Realty Group enlisted our help in creating a series of gifts for key clients, culminating in a gift to celebrate their 15th anniversary. Their challenge to us: help us communicate what is positive and optimistic about doing business in Alabama… // More //