The Corporate Mid-life Crisis: Re-branding your beeves

Branding comprises the strategic, combined activities the company or product undertakes to manifest what it believes itself to be. Where many companies wear their brand passively, a company engaged in disciplined branding pays active attention to every aspect of how it touches its stakeholders. // More //

Nuts & Bolts: Building a Brand for a Builder

When a sharp, savvy home building company approached us for rebranding, we jumped at the chance to help them develop a strong foundational brand upon which to build their company. // More //

Hunting Unicorns

You know how to tell if someone’s a right-brainer? They’re the ones who can’t keep straight which hemisphere of the brain is devoted to which set of skills. How do I know this? Well, let’s just say that before I… // More //

Brand Myopia

Branding and advertising agencies bring professional distance to their clients by being able to see brands as they really are. The agency can step back from corporate strategic thinking that sometimes errs with off-brand strategies and marketing, and provide perspective. Longer… // More //

Mohawk Paper judge discussing Cayenne Creative design for UAB Nursing

A Blown Away Mohawk Paper Judge

We were proud to have our work for UAB Nursing selected as one of the finalists in the Mohawk show. Hearing us talk about it is not nearly as interesting, however, as hearing this judge talk about it. Judging from… // More //

Adding Burn to the Roux

As with the slow-cooking of pork shoulders or the fermentation of hot sauce, good things take time. Back around October we brought a little more fire to the Cayenne belly with the addition of Sam Burn to the ownership team… // More //

The Power of Design No. 2: Moleskine

The Moleskine journal. Who doesn’t love the look and feel of these simple, elegant books? The size is appealing. At 8.25″ X 5.25″, the quintessential Moleskine is very nearly designed according to the golden ratio. So we human beings are… // More //

The Power of Design: No. 1 in a Series

A writer by trade, I work with designers and art directors. I’m frequently amazed at the amount of time we spend designing a piece of communication. To be perfectly candid, I have wondered in the past if the result was… // More //

Cathryn Sloane’s Article: 25 Going on 16

I knew everything when I was sixteen. By the time I turned 25 I had begun to turn the corner. I’ve been unknowing stuff ever since, and becoming the wiser for it. I once worked with a mid-twenties young man… // More //

Watching AMC’s “The Pitch”

Watching AMC’s advertising reality show, The Pitch, last night was a trip down Bad Memory Lane. When I was at Portfolio Center many years ago, I worked part-time for the school. One of my jobs was occasionally to shuffle guest… // More //