Nuts & Bolts: Building a Brand for a Builder

When a sharp, savvy home building company approached us for rebranding, we jumped at the chance to help them develop a strong foundational brand upon which to build their company. // More //

The Power of a Brand: A Scientific Case

A dear friend, mentor and colleague, Bill Lewis used to rhetorically ponder the following question with skeptical clients: “If every bottle of Coca Cola, every bottling facility, all the jugs of secret-special syrup, in fact if the secret recipe itself… // More //

Inspriration behind Watts logo design

GAP Part Deux: The Work of Logo Design

I’d love to get into the head of Trey Laird, principal of Laird & Partners the company that redesigned the GAP logo. In case you haven’t been keeping up [GAP: Crowdsourcing? Or Damage Control?] GAP introduced the new logo to… // More //

GAP: Crowdsourcing? Or Damage Control?

Crowdsourcing should be community driven. It’s should empower your audience to be vocal about what they love about your brand. And who doesn’t want to contribute? // More //

Logo & Poster Design for Cahaba River Fry-Down

Mark your calendars. September 25th is the Cahaba River Fry-Down benefiting the Cahaba River Society. Have a look at our logo design and poster. We had wanted to print on newsprint, but our printer/copy machine had serious misgivings about… // More //


Illustrated Logos: Bringing a Brand to Life – Web Urbanist More from Web Urbanist: Hidden Logos: 12 Creative Designs with Secret Symbols – Web Urbanist Less is More: 18 Clever Logos Using Negative Space -Web Urbanist // More //

A Primer in the Subtleties of Logo Design

You always approach tinkering with a client’s logo with care. But when the client’s logo was designed by one of the best in the history of the industry… well… let’s just say the price of poker goes up. Cool article… // More //