Videos that go viral: A Modest Case Study


Viral videos are hotter than a Walmart parking lot on an Irondale summer day. But what does that mean for the business world?

One of the first viral vids that came to my attention was the knock-off of the

target=”_blank”>Budweiser “True” spot featuring the Bud buds repeating “whassssuuup!” Somebody with more time on their hands than I put together a parody featuring Superfriends (Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, et al) and using the commercial’s voice track:














We laughed ’til we spotted. And we shared it with everybody we knew. Funny stuff. But that was all it was – funny stuff.

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Predictably, the corporate world soon got a whiff of the rich reek of target audiences and tried its hand – despite the fact that the very nature of a viral video from the get-go was about spontaneity and  an absolute lack of pre-calculation. Some efforts worked. At lea

st they “worked” in the sense that a lot of people watched them. Whether they were part of an overall marketing strategy and “worked” in that context is not known to me. One of the earlier entries,