Latest Work

Safari Cup

Helping a coffee company that specializes exclusively in African bean is definitely our cup of joe. // More //


UAB Medicine asked us to develop an identity around their intranet, “One.” We used the vernacular of the power button to suggest a resource that is always ON. // More //

Valentine Roasters

In designing the mark for this specialty roaster, designer Marion Powers brought in elements of the family heraldry – lions rampant, and a crown to tie the roaster to its parent company. The Latin phrase translates to Beyond Excellence. // More //


In order to convey the essence of the well-considered, classic, beautifully integrated landscape design of Ben Page and Gavin Duke, we employed the icon of the book – a bee on one page, a flower on the next – to suggest the timeless, traditional nature of their work. // More //


Microfit, a forward-thinking interactive development firm needed a new name and a rebranding. We took them through an interative, introspective process to help them identify a name that captured their unique business approach, and then developed their identity. They proudly call themselves Chronicle. // More //

City Stages

“There’s something you’ll love about it, too.” // More //

Sidewalk Film Festival

For years on end, we had this ongoing love affair with the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, a.k.a. Sidewalk Film Festival. Great fun, great work, great client. // More //

UAB Nursing Annual Report 2010

In 2010, UAB wanted to begin migrating the Nursing Annual Report away from print. None of us believed the audience was entirely ready for a completely digital annual report, but we felt like we needed to begin moving them in that direction. So, the 2010 report featured a nice printed piece that referenced its digital counterpart throughout, employing QR codes to take readers directly to robust content should they so choose. // More //

UAB Nurse Recruitment Brochure

Talk to a nurse. He or she will very likely be able to tell you exactly when in their lives they chose to become a nurse. For many of them, that desire reached all the way back to childhood. This was a key insight we could work with. We layered the rich emotional tapestry of nurses each telling his or her story of when they decided to enter nursing, with content relevant to the nurses UAB seeks to recruit. // More //

UAB Nursing

In 2008, UAB Nursing came to us to help them recruit nurses. The results have been profound. Applicants have increased by more than 75%. In fact, UAB now has a prospect database of more than 5,000 nurses. // More //

UAB Women & Infants Center

Not known specifically for women’s services, UAB Medicine is, nevertheless, a leader in treating urogynecological cancers, issues that occur with age, difficult pregnancies and deliveries, and a number of other issues specific to women. // More //