Latest Work

Freshwater Land Trust

Freshwater Land Trust is a non-profit dedicated to preserving areas that have been little touched by human hands. When they came to us with the need for a brochure that described their mission, we decided to take it to the next level. // More //


Nuberri frozen yogurt sought to differentiate themselves in a sector that was undergoing rapid expansion. Their Tallahassee demographic skewed strongly female and college-aged. We chose a fresh and friendly color palette, a tag-cloud approach for some of the graphics, and an overall look that was clean and delicious. // More //

Cahaba River Fry-Down

We jumped in to help the Cahaba River Society, a non-profit with a mission to protect the Cahaba River watershed, brand its fundraising event, The Cahaba River Fry Down (think barbecue contest or chili cook-off, only it’s catfish). // More //


Alagasco tapped Cayenne to help brand their Center for Energy Technology, a perfect job to exercise the thinking behind our branding, the skills of our design team, and the LEED® credentials of our writer. // More //

Rickwood Field

There was a time when the future of Rickwood Field, one of the oldest (if not THE oldest) ballparks in America. We were involved in a number of initiatives that helped Rickwood play ball. // More //

Landscape Workshop

Landscape Workshop initially approached us about advertising. But we quickly discovered they needed a refocusing of their brand. We equipped them with a company tag line that better suited their unique approach to landscaping, and leveraged their distinctive logo in a campaign that absolutely breathed their brand. // More //


Helping a bank with internal brand engagement is every bit as important as crafting an external communications strategy. // More //


Advertising Tendura called for a unique strategy. We approached caretakers of historically significant homes – the childhood home of Hank Williams and the birth home of Tennessee Williams, for example – and offered to replace the porches for free in exchange for our featuring them in advertising. We reasoned that homeowners would at least consider a plastic and wood composite if it had been used on the porches of historical landmarks. // More //

Confederate Motorcycles

Two observations about a project like this: (1) When the product is as cool as a Confederate P120 Fighter motorcycle, you just have to get out of the way and let it run. (2) If you create a ho-hum piece, you should consider a different profession, like accounting or something. // More //

Wall Street Deli

We based the character of the re-branded Wall Street Deli on the personality of a smart-ass deli owner with more sayings than Carter’s got little green liver pills. // More //

Duke Energy

The creative leadership of our company worked with Duke Energy during particularly tumultuous time for energy companies. // More //


Begun as a live/play condo development, 29/7 suffered setbacks in 2008. Cayenne had named and branded the development with an eye towards attracting the post-college, single and successful demographic. Though the nature of the development changed from condos to rental units when came finally out of the ground in 2011, the targeted demographic remained the same. // More //