Latest Work

UAB Heartbeat

Ever thought about how people call their heart their “ticker?” It makes sense if you think about it. Your heart keeps time with your life. If it quits, your clock stops. If you live an average lifespan, your heart will somewhere between 2.5 and 3 billion times, providing you take care of it. This was the premise behind the “in a heartbeat” campaign for UAB. A lot can happen in a heartbeat. And a lot will happen if you continue to have heartbeats. // More //


Over the years, we’ve helped this excellent floor covering company tell its story. We’ve created videos to help explain their recycling process, catalogs to help sell their products, and ads to tell the story of their zero-footprint manufacturing initiative, ​Leave No Trace. // More //


Gro is a landscape management company that treats landscape as an asset rather than a job. We helped the owners uncover the company’s name, created the corporate identity, wrapped their trucks, and gave them tools of the trade that don’t involve cutting, trimming, digging and the like. // More //


PlaidJack designs and develops websites for companies that want to look like they spent a lot of money on their website without doing so. The rabbit represents agility and sass. The loping rabbit and blue tartan launched the company. But the rabbit will change seasonally (imagine, for example, a New Year’s rabbit) and the tartan will change as well. Agility and a contrarian approach are key to this company’s brand. // More //

The Summit

In creating a branded look for The Summit, an upscale lifestyle center with locations in Birmingham, Reno, and Louisville, we knew we had to capture the attention of The Summit’s relatively affluent, female audience. We hired a fashion consultant who kept us six months ahead of the fashion curve. // More //

Veterans Memorial Foundation

More men and women from Alabama have volunteered and served in our nation’s wars than from any other state in the union. We created pieces to help the Alabama Veterans Memorial raise funds and awareness. Chief among them – a book that told the stories of a number of Alabama veterans. The book was sold to raise funds and was much sought after by those who appreciate the men from our state who have made the highest sacrifice for their country. // More //

The Village

We built The Village brand around the notion of being “close to everything, yet away from it all.” // More //

UAB Magnet Nursing

Historically, the audience for the UAB Nursing annual report has been Chief Nursing Officers, other nursing staffs, nursing students, etc. But, in 2011, we decided the overall message of the annual report had a public agenda as well. UAB Nursing had, for the third consecutive time, achieved Magnet designation. // More //

The Preserve

we reached out to the realtors with this box of beautifully crafted “collectible home” postcards, fashioned in heavy card stock to give them a sense of gravitas. We knew the realtors could use them to communicate with their prospects and we knew the box of cards help keep The Preserve top of mind with this key audience. // More //

Taylor Miree

The simplicity of a roofing nail becomes the focal point of this monogrammatic mark – absolutely fitting for a family-run construction company with a passion for excellence. // More //

Standard Creative

Pair a tremendously creative young architectural firm with a young and intense branding company and you achieve interesting results. Standard Creative needed an identity and the basic B2B business tools: stationery, shipping labels, etc. While all of us would like to have created exquisite materials, Standard was working on a tight budget. Our solution employed a labeling system and business card blanks to squeeze the most of their investment. // More //

Bradley Arant

In branding this large regional law firm, we sought to strike a balance between lawyerly poise and contemporary elegance, while communicating a brand promise of über competence and deep client trust. Who better to tell that story that Bradley Arant Boult Cummings clients? // More //