Meet the Interns Summer 2015

It’s summertime, and the livin’s easy. But not if you’re one of our hardworking interns. 

This summer we’ve had the pleasure of working with six intelligent problem solvers and talented creatives. Each of them jumped head first into our strategic processes and added even more fire to our bellies. Here’s their proper introduction. (Any kind words about Cayenne are voluntary endorsements.)

So without further adieu…


CeCe Sparrow

Name: Cece Sparrow

Hometown: Birmingham, AL

School: University of Alabama     Major: Marketing

Department at Cayenne: Account Services

Fun Fact: I have two webbed toes on each foot.

Favorite thing to do in Birmingham: A stop by Avondale Brewery with friends before dinner at one of the new restaurants in town.  

Favorite thing about Cayenne: The vibe. Cayenne’s able to be diligent and hard working while still being laid back.

Biggest take-away or accomplishment: Working on a grassroots marketing campaign was an awesome learning experience. 

What’s your F.I.T.B.? (At Cayenne, we believe that creativity is an energy fueled by desire. We refer to this desire as Fire in the Belly.) My F.I.T.B. is a desire to be learning constantly so I can be truly great at what I do. When I get a job after graduation (hopefully), I want to be able to wake up every morning and be happy to go to work and excited about the work I’m doing.

Why Cayenne loves CeCe: CeCe was a superstar. She was an incredible asset during a recent grassroots blitz. She worked tirelessly to ensure everything was prepared for each days’ initiatives, and she learned very quickly how to become a brand ambassador. I also really enjoyed that she was her authentic self—she let her spunky little personality come through. – Alex Waymire, Media Buyer


Jonathan Niega

Name: Jonathan Niega 

Hometown: Moody, AL

School: UAB     Major: Art Studio

Department at Cayenne: Creative

Fun Fact: I’ve never had a headache. 

Favorite thing about Cayenne: I find it amazing to see how we approach and solve design problems. It’s cool seeing the end result but seeing the process of how much time and hard work is put into it is super cool.

Something quirky you’ve noticed about us: (Redacted) is an amazing dancer. Golden Flake chips magically disappear. The blender gets used quite often.

Favorite Cayenne dog: Love them all! They all have their moments, but Gracie “you the real MVP.”

What’s your F.I.T.B.: I want to find unique opportunities to utilize and sharpen my skills as an effective designer and problem solver.

Why Cayenne loves Jonathan: Jonathan might come off as quiet, but he speaks volumes with his exceptional design skills and sense of style. (He’s probably the best dressed employee Cayenne has ever had.) He fearlessly tackled everything from logos to photography and videography to websites, even when it involved using new-to-us design software. We’ve loved having him as part of the Cayenne team, even for such a short time! – Dana Vague, Art Director


Becca AllenName: Becca Allen

Hometown: Albany, GA

School: Samford University     Major: Graphic Design

Department at Cayenne: Creative

Fun Fact: I’ve had the biggest crush on Cayenne since my design class toured last year. (I requested that my professor bring us.) 

Favorite thing about Cayenne: The people. Genuinely kind, fun, and committed to doing what they love. Crazy-good work ethic, always available to help each other out, especially the clueless intern. They’re trusting with the work that they give you, but ready to give constructive criticism. And they’re always talking about something cool they did over the weekend. 

Biggest take-away/accomplishment: Love what you do.

Something quirky you’ve noticed about us: These folks really love True Detective, smoothies, and dogs–all pluses in my book. 

Why Cayenne loves Becca: Becca has an enthusiasm that makes one want to wander to her workspace just to be around it – even if for a brief moment. Having a passion for the work is the only reason to really do this job – long days and nights under repeated pressure to be creative and on deadline. Becca has that trait. She is incredibly creative and current, but she know how to knuckle down and pull out all the stops on both the smallest and biggest projects, AND she is confident about her work. Quick to alter and consider an opinion but careful to have something she and the client will feel proud of…that is a rare find in the creative field at such a young age. And she can order a mean pizza if asked to on a late night! – Marion Powers, Design Director


Dallas CoyneName: Dallas Coyne 

Hometown: Birmingham, AL

School: Birmingham-Southern College     Major: Business

Department at Cayenne: Account Services

Fun Fact: I climbed to the top of a 300ft radio tower on Mt. Cheaha, the highest point in Alabama. Not my smartest decision, but the view was incredible. 

Favorite thing to do in Birmingham: Drive through downtown at night. I love the skyline.

Favorite thing about Cayenne: The dogs. It’s like Bring Your Kid to Work Day, but with dogs…every day.

Favorite Cayenne dog: Jack is my boy, Lola and Gracie are my girls, and Willie is my best friend…honestly, I can’t choose just one. 

What’s your F.I.T.B.? The desire to find or do something new and never thought of before. The desire to create something that could be considered revolutionary. 

Why Cayenne loves Dallas: Among other things, Dallas is known for offering up a few gems during campaign brainstorms and being particularly helpful with impromptu Milo’s hamburger photo shoots. This was Dallas’s second internship with us, and he used his veteran turn as the chance to contribute confidently on a greater level. And for that reason, I’ll refrain from commenting on the fact that his favorite thing about Cayenne is the dogs. JK, the dogs really are great.  – Dana McGough, Social Engagement & Public Relations.



Amber SmithName: Amber D. Smith 

Hometown: Huntsville, AL 

School: UAB     Major: Marketing

Department at Cayenne: Account Services

Fun Fact: I collect vintage hats and handbags. My oldest item is a handbag from 1912.

Favorite thing about Cayenne: It is inspiring to learn and grow from the people here. Also, the Cayenne culture is so fun.

Biggest take-away/accomplishment: Observing the process of how things go from an idea to production has been an incredible take-away. Also, creating a Psychographic Profile on Millennials in Adulthood and helping with a master plan have been great learning experiences. 

Something quirky you’ve noticed about us: People dance when they walk around. There are also lots of Girls Scout cookies, which is possibly the best office perk.

What’s your F.I.T.B.? My F.I.T.B. is experiencing life. I feel that the more you experience in life, the more you learn about yourself. The more you learn, the less that can hold you back.

Why Cayenne loves Amber: Amber brought a sweetness to our spicy family. Her upbeat demeanor and positive attitude were always a bright point in my day. Amber was eager to learn and grow. She is an excellent researcher and always provided detailed and completed information, which are great traits for an AE. – Joy Mims, Account Executive


Adam EvanchoName: Adam Evancho

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

School: University of Georgia     Major: Advertising/Journalism

Department at Cayenne: Creative

Fun Fact: I once pepper sprayed a bully straight in his mean face. Yeah.

Favorite thing to do in Birmingham: Railroad Park at dusk and a brief visit to Good People afterward, please and thank you.

Biggest take-away/accomplishment: Alongside the longer explanation of learning to write copy, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the concepting that happens behind the scenes. Filling up walls with ideas and debating with other brilliant minds about which ideas make sense and which don’t connect are some of the best days I’ve had here all summer. 

Favorite Cayenne dog: As difficult as it is to deny Gracie, I’m gonna have to go with Jack for no other reason than he upholds the notion that dogs look like their owners. Jack just reminds me of Monroe…I don’t know why.

What’s your F.I.T.B.? I think, at my deepest level, I just want to shed light on things and serve as a vehicle of truth. I think creativity is necessary for this process because people are complex, and conveying truth often takes different approaches, different perspectives, and a million tries. 

Why Cayenne loves Adam: Adam is a storyteller who has landed for a time here in the land of storytellers. Here’s a guy who’s already written a book at the grand old age of 20-nothing, proposed to his fiancé atop Half Dome in Yosemite, and kicks ice cubes under his refrigerator. How can you not like a guy like that? Besides, he’s comfortable enough in his own lexicon to use a word like “huzzah.” Which means, Adam is not just a storyteller. He’s a writer. – Dan Monroe, Principal, Copywriter