In search of twin chameleons

chameleonsWe’re looking for not one but TWO Digital Community Managers. Now, before you say to yourself, “Whoa, that there’s the job I’ve been waiting for!” and garb yourself in your coolest threads, dust off your resume, and rocket down to the offices of Cayenne Creative, let me tell you a little bit more about the job. You see, there’s an art to being a Social Media Community Manager. And not just everybody who knows their way around Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is able to succeed at it.

In our business, we say all the time that you have to KNOW your client. And that’s the gospel truth. Knowing your client is the secret sauce that separates hero advertising and marketing firms from the goat ones. But, KNOWING your client is a rational quality. A Community Manager goes waaay beyond that. Yes, there’s the rational side, the side that understands the strategic, business, and tactical goals of the client and is able to translate those into socially acceptable content. But, the real Social Community Manager goes beyond that. They immerse themselves in their clients. They don’t just know them… on some level they become them. They suit up. They make the colors their own. They become a chameleon. They are able to speak client. They know the secret language, the special sauce. And they’re able to communicate that unique and delicious mix to the masses across multiple social channels.

So, there’s an art to social community management that must hold hands with what has become a very scientific process. And we’re looking for two people who have both sides. So, if you think you’ve got that stuff – if you are that shape-shifting, transmogrifying, protean empath who has the unique ability to left-brain the hell out of client strategy, and right-brain the whiz out of client voice, we want to talk with you. Hit us back.

Want to know what the job looks like? Have a gander:


Digital Community Manager


Our ideal candidate has:

Fire in the Belly. (Without this, you may as well get a job welding. Welders, by the way, make great money.)

Succinct writing, professional on-the-spot communication skills, curiosity, quick decision-making, cultural trend spotting, good judgment, intermediate to advanced joke telling skills, ability to be calm in the face of stress, and an eye for monitoring.


And an appreciation for dogs.



 Content creation

  • Ability to absorb a brand and develop content to speak its voice through designated social channels 
  • Write and design shareable content supporting client business goals
  • Run regular social promotions and campaigns and track their success (fundraising initiatives, contests, etc.)
  • Drive consistent, relevant web traffic from social media programs
  • Create brand relevance and drive audience engagement through trending topics and events
  • Explore new ways to engage with and delight client target audiences
  • Collaborate with the team to join paid, owned, earned, and shared marketing efforts

 Audience building/Monitoring/Responding

  • Consistent audience building through social media software
  • Initiate and maintain relevant social discussions with clients’ social audiences
  • Track brand mentions and respond accordingly
  • Respond quickly and efficiently to audience direct questions and comments


  • Monthly reporting to track, measure, and analyze all efforts per key performance indicators
  • Gain insights on social activity via digital marketing analytics platforms like Google Analytics
  • Drive continuous improvement per data gathered and reported to clients


  • BA/BS degree or equivalent work experience
  • Active and well-rounded personal presence in social media
  • Excellent writer and creative thinker, with an ability to use data and intuition to inform decisions
  • Ability to use social media software to schedule and monitor social media conversations
  • Basic to intermediate Adobe Creative Suite competency


If interested, please reach out to