Call for 2018 Summer Design Interns

At Cayenne, we love working with talented young designers with fire in the belly. If you’d like to be part of the Cayenne team this summer, check out the info below and give us a shout. We can’t wait to meet… // More //

Culture… it’s more than just talkin’ the talk

We recently were recognized by the Birmingham Business Journal as one of the best places to work for in Birmingham. Rather than talk about the award itself, I’ve been asked by our staff PR whiz kid, Dana McGough, to write… // More //

In search of twin chameleons

We’re looking for not one but TWO Digital Community Managers. Now, before you say to yourself, “Whoa, that there’s the job I’ve been waiting for!” and garb yourself in your coolest threads, dust off your resume, and rocket down to the offices of Cayenne Creative, let me tell you a little bit more about the job. // More //

Story and Brand –Transforming Reality

As brand strategists, story is everything to us. According to marketing research from One Spot, 92% of consumers prefer brands whose ads feel like stories. At Cayenne, we transform brands, fusing human truth with corporate strategy and listening, creating stories that engage audiences and inspire dialogue. // More //

SSSSSH… we’re growing a culture here

To tell a company or product’s story strategically, you simply have to know its culture. The old adage, “people don’t do business with companies, they do business with people” is mostly true. Today’s consumer / business client wants to be able to connect with the values and sensibilities of the companies with whom they spend their money. // More //

The Corporate Mid-life Crisis: Re-branding your beeves

Branding comprises the strategic, combined activities the company or product undertakes to manifest what it believes itself to be. Where many companies wear their brand passively, a company engaged in disciplined branding pays active attention to every aspect of how it touches its stakeholders. // More //

Hunting Unicorns

You know how to tell if someone’s a right-brainer? They’re the ones who can’t keep straight which hemisphere of the brain is devoted to which set of skills. How do I know this? Well, let’s just say that before I… // More //

Mohawk Paper judge discussing Cayenne Creative design for UAB Nursing

A Blown Away Mohawk Paper Judge

We were proud to have our work for UAB Nursing selected as one of the finalists in the Mohawk show. Hearing us talk about it is not nearly as interesting, however, as hearing this judge talk about it. Judging from… // More //

Adding Burn to the Roux

As with the slow-cooking of pork shoulders or the fermentation of hot sauce, good things take time. Back around October we brought a little more fire to the Cayenne belly with the addition of Sam Burn to the ownership team… // More //

F.I.T.B. Clarification

Lot’s of folks have pointed out that they can’t submit an application online. True. Here’s how to apply in three easy steps: 1. Download the .pdf:  Downloadable FITB Initiative Application 2. Fill it out (which you can do electronically or… // More //