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F.I.T.B. Clarification

Lot’s of folks have pointed out that they can’t submit an application online. True. Here’s how to apply in three easy steps: 1. Download the .pdf:  Downloadable FITB Initiative Application 2. Fill it out (which you can do electronically or… // More //

Transparency. It’s Time for a Little Dialoguin’

Back in the ‘90s while I was at Portfolio Center in Atlanta learning the ad trade, I had the ongoing indelible experience of discourse with the school’s Design Director, Hank Richardson. It was intriguing stuff. Hank didn’t just design with… // More //

More on the “Big Conversation”

Interesting interview with the principals from Twitter, LinkedIn and Zynga regarding the future of advertising. The key here is that, while advertising will definitely be part of that big conversation going on out there, it won’t look like advertising as… // More //


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