The "B" Word

My bank and client, Oakworth Capital Bank, invited me to a day-long sales seminar conducted by Jack Daly. The invite was no surprise; we’d been enlisted to create the invitations and supporting collateral. At Cayenne, we’d never heard of Jack… // More //

The Continuing ADDY Saga

Last year, I posited the question, “What is the business case for small agencies to enter the ADDYs?” After all, I noted, it is certainly not inexpensive. This year, we entered the ADDYs and fared extraordinarily well in the local… // More //

A Good Showing!

Behind all great work are clients who are willing to let you do it. Many thanks to all of ours: Oakworth Capital – GOLD (Sales Promotion) Birmingham Education Foundation – GOLD (Collateral Material) Birmingham Education Foundation – GOLD ( Non-Traditional… // More //

ADDYs: We’re playing, but last year’s question remains unanswered.

Last year Cayenne did not participate in the ADDYs. The event slipped up on us (it falls right on the jingly heels of the holidays), and we simply didn’t have the bandwidth to get a submission ready. This year, we… // More //

New Technology: The Lytro Camera

In our business, we work extensively with images. Having evolved out of the print and 2D television gestalt, our culture tends, for the most part, to think of images in terms of a single plane of focus. And so an… // More //

When Fonts Mosh

Let me first disclaim this entry: I am a writer. I don’t spend my days evaluating typefaces. But, in my defense, I have spent many years now working with designers. So, I have developed a few font-snobbish traits. For instance,… // More //

You Know You’re a Graphic Designer If…

And Now There’s Wi-Fiction

Thanks to Tom Martin for sharing this with us. Now your router(s) have a story to tell. Check it. // More //

To App or Not to App

Lately we’ve been hit up by potential clients who want to have a “cool app.” Awesome. Right? Not necessarily. I can understand why a company would want to have a “cool app.” It makes you feel au currant, up with… // More //

Spam Comment: Week of 10.3.11

I’m still trying to understand whether we do or don’t “intellect.” Sometimes we intellect. Sometimes we outellect. Occasionally we elect to do neither. We are, however, grateful that our content is suitable. Enjoy this heartfelt comment from one of our… // More //