We’d like to thank the academy…

It goes without saying that bringing home enough gilded I-beams to build a Bailey Bridge makes for one FABULOUS evening! But, here’s the deal: we are able to do smart, well-crafted work that wins awards because we have clients who want smart, well-crafted work. All of them. And for that, we say thank you, thank you, a million times over, thank you. // More //


The Power of Design: No. 1 in a Series

A writer by trade, I work with designers and art directors. I’m frequently amazed at the amount of time we spend designing a piece of communication. To be perfectly candid, I have wondered in the past if the result was… // More //

holiday card using viral web techniques

Here’s to Courageous Clients

One of our clients, Bradley Arant Boult Cummings, an esteemed law firm with offices all over the Southeast and in D.C., recently reposed a very special faith and trust in us as their advertising agency. It all began with holiday… // More //

Sophisticated Font Control Coming to the E-World

As this post on Cnet details: I if love liquid thick even who online pharmacy saudi arabia very I I love – good designed I cialis low price bought to like that and I and generic viagra YOU around full…… // More //

Logo design example

GapBody Fit, An Exercise in Faith Renewal

I’d begun to lose my faith in GAP. You know, a little more than a decade ago, they were doing absolutely incredible things managing their brand. But sometime between then and now, they lost their way. A lasting faster amount… // More //


Illustrated Logos: Bringing a Brand to Life – Web Urbanist More from Web Urbanist: Hidden Logos: 12 Creative Designs with Secret Symbols – Web Urbanist Less is More: 18 Clever Logos Using Negative Space -Web Urbanist // More //